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The Golden Legend of Maria Lucian Descuret

John-Baptist-Felix Descuret


Jean-Baptiste Félix Descuret (1795-1871)
    John-Baptist Felix Descuret was born in Châlon-sur-Saône (Saône-et-Loire)(France) June 4, 1795 (16 prairial year III). He is the son of Pierre Louis Descuret, dealer, and Pierrette Lavaure. His father was absent that day, because in Paris.
    His life is not well known. He would have been a doctor of Napoleon III, but already resided at the time to Châtillon-d'Azergues (Rhône). In the census of 1846, JBF lives indeed to "Rocks" before buying May 9, 1849 a house in Vingtain. Rentier, literature's Dr., he lived in this house with his wife, Mathilde, Amélie, Euphrosine Wiollez, and his mother-in-law Catherine Rieder, widow of Charles, Antoine Woillez. She was moralist author and will cited in the works of her son-in-law. His arrival coincides perhaps with the taking office of priest Francis Lavaure, probably maternal cousin of John-Baptist, in the parish of Châtillon-d'Azergues. Did he died without issue ? We don't know.
    He died in Châtillon-d'Azergues Nov. 27, 1871, at a place called "The Rock". On his tombstone, one could read this epitaph : « L’homme a besoin de croire à un monde meilleur, sa tombe est comme le berceau de l’Immortalité. » ["The man needs to believe in a better world, his tomb is as the birthplace of Immortality."]

John-Baptist Felix Descuret


The work of John-Baptist Felix Descuret

    John-Baptist Felix Descuret is the author or editor of the following structures:
  • (Ed.) Cornelius Nepos, ex libris scriptis editisque recensitus, selectis interpretum commentariis novisque auctus, curante JBF Descuret, litterarum and medicine in Academia parisiensi doctore, 1820. (LXIII-456 pags).
  • Supplement to "literature courses" [de la Harpe], or choice of french trial writers on writers ancient and modern, Ledoux, 1822.
  • (Ed.) Directory of ancient and modern literature ..., 1824-1825 (31 vol. In-8 °).
  • The Passions' Medicine, or passions considered in their relationship to disease, laws and religion, Béché fils and Labé, 1841. (XVI-783 pages, republished in 1844 (XV-832 pages) and 1860, abstract p. 766-786). JBF Descuret has prepared its study on fifty thousand visits to the poor thirteenth district of Paris, about three thousand to the rich class and nearly sixty thousand to the middle class. Through the diversity of cases he was so interested in the whole range of emotions : greed, anger, gluttony, pride, laziness, libertinism, nostalgia, mania of the collection.
  • Theory moral taste, or taste seen in his dealings with nature, fine arts, great literature and morals, Périsse brothers, 1847. (VI-430 pages).
  • The Wonders of the Human Body, 1856. (X-510 pages). Accurate methodical anatomy, physiology and hygiene in their dealings with morality and religion. Work for ecclesiastical, students of philosophy, the people of the world.
  • Ein bewährtes Recept gegen die Beichtschen, 1864. (In-16, p. 8, Recipe tested against the fear of confession).
La Médecine des Passions
La médecine des Passions


Quotations by John-Baptist Felix Descuret :
  • "A single step beyond enthusiasm, and there is fanaticism; a step further, and we fall into madness."
  • "I doubt very much that we can combine an excellent heart to the bad habit of launching irony."
  • "It's almost always by the eyes that the voluptuous begins its attacks. "
  • "Few desires, few disappointments."
    Some quotations by Madame Woillez, JBF Descuret:
  • "A great moralist, Ms. Woillez, said somewhere:" The man is a great child, a woman is her doll. "
  • "The ambitious," said Woillez, is a blind mounted on stilts. "
    And the latter of Brillat-Savarin, cited by JBF Descuret: "He [Brillat-Savarin] said that there were four species of men addicted to the gluttony : financiers, physicians, men of letters and pious men ; Financiers are collected by ostentation, seduction by physicians, men of letters by distraction, and by offsetting pious men.

    Here ends the story of the odyssey of the family Descuret. I hope you like it, and gives you an appointment for other portraits.



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